“We believe a recruiting partnership is built on trust, integrity, knowledge, fair pricing, due diligence and hard work. Our clients expect all of this and more and we deliver it every day.”

TCI-SEARCH Methodology

The TCI-SEARCH methodology and compensation structure are defining differences in the recruiting industry.

Our methodology is built to allow us to recruit for our clients as an insider.  Our process is framed by comprehensive due diligence at the front end of all searches and thorough reference checks at the finish.

By engaging in extensive due diligence – on site – we build a corporate profile for the search.  This includes not only the job specifications and requirements but also, and as essential, a cultural profile.  Candidates must share similar values and cultural priorities that will allow them not just to do the job but to grow and contribute to the company for years to come.

Also different is our compensation structure.  We earn our compensation based on a segmented consultation rate and ultimately deliver the most qualified candidates available at the best rates in the industry. Our goal is to provide not just value but also fairness in pricing.  We continually work hard to build a long term relationship with our clients.

Our goal at TCI-SEARCH is to deliver candidates that know the client company well before they walk through the door. They know the look, the feel, the culture and they truly believe this is the opportunity they have been waiting for.