"Finding the perfect candidate is equal parts competency and culture. The only way for us to truly understand that culture is to be at your facility and involved in your business. "
- Partner, TCI-SEARCH

The TCI-SEARCH Process

Our expertise in the executive search process coupled with our commitment to provide premier client service and personal attention separates TCI-SEARCH from other executive search firms. Every search is tailored to fit each client's unique hiring requirements. TCI-SEARCH works hard to understand your needs, beyond a job description, and will tailor the search program to the specifications of each client.

Initial Consultation Methodology
TCI-SEARCH will spend the time and money to learn your business.  We will travel to your facility, learn your culture, meet your people and understand your needs before the search process begins.  We do this so we can sell you like an insider.  Our due diligence is essential so we can deliver one consistent message to candidates within all disciplines.  We do this so we can represent you in a superior manner.

Development of Job Specifications
We will work with you to develop a detailed job specification description if necessary.  We want to make sure we source the candidate that is right for your company, right for the position and right for your culture.

Candidate Screening Process
We use a thorough screening process for qualified candidates which will include numerous phone interviews, personal interviews and detailed reference checks – all this before you meet the candidate.  No client will personally meet a candidate until the TCI-SEARCH team is satisfied and convinced that the candidate is a perfect fit for the company.  All of the due diligence around candidate selection is completed by the TCI-SEARCH team.

Final Selection & Job Offer
We will follow through with your candidates from start to finish by delivering the offer, negotiating the terms and closing the deal.

Our goal at TCI-SEARCH is to have a thorough and effective process where we spend time and energy selecting the perfect candidate so you don’t have to.