Our mission at TCI-SEARCH is:

To provide outstanding client service by recruiting exceptional talent at a fair price.


The team at TCI-SEARCH all come from the corporate world where they, for much of their careers, worked for companies such as  Siemens, Scientific-Atlanta, Campbell’s Soup and Georgia Pacific.  They were exposed to the recruiting methodologies of others and chose to build a structure with better execution, superior results and pricing that is both fair and representative of value.  TCI-SEARCH is everything the other firms are not.  For the past ten years TCI-SEARCH has built on a methodology and a commitment to partner with our clients in the way that is most advantageous to them.

 At TCI-SEARCH we take the time to visit every client, meet the hiring managers, see the facility and learn the culture of your organization.  We build an understanding of the type of person needed to succeed long term with your organization both from the skill set perspective as well as from the cultural perspective.

The time we take learning your organization and understanding your culture allows us to prequalify candidates while working with and developing the winners.  Before you see a resume all potential candidates have been interviewed numerous times by our staff.  We have discussed the position as most recruiters do but we have also sold the company as few others can.  Our due diligence allows us to represent you from a different perspective.  You will receive just a few resumes of candidates that will be qualified on both a competency and a cultural basis.  Our job, as we see it, is to present the winning candidates to you not to use your time to qualify or disqualify dozens of others.

Over the years TCI-SEARCH has partnered with leading companies with different industry focus aiding them in their recruiting needs and charging rates that are well below industry norms.