"When we are asked what sets TCI-SEARCH apart from other recruiting firms the answer is clear: It is our ability to sell the client company like an insider. We know that to present the immediate position as well as the long term opportunity to a candidate is essential in selecting the right candidate to develop for our client."
-President, TCI-SEARCH


At TCI-SEARCH we believe:

  • Recruiting is a client service business. We recruit the way you would, with the future in mind.
  • Recruiting is a blend of competency and culture. Both ingredients must be present in the selection of an exceptional candidate.
  • The best way to learn your culture is by being at your site, with your people. We are part of your process
  • Outstanding candidates are found, developed, qualified, and presented to you. While you run your business, we manage your search.
  • We recruit like an insider. The message we deliver to candidates is the message we learn from our clients.
  • Recruiting is essential to the success of your company. We value the partnership you have entrusted to us. We offer hard work, solid results and the fairest pricing in the search industry.

The goal of TCI-SEARCH is to earn the privilege to be your recruiting partner for years to come and to be a long term member of your team..